Tips for hiring a wedding band in Hampshire

Every wedding is a totally individual event, and unique to each person within the marriage. Despite what some tv shows and magazines would have you believe, a wedding is not all about the bride and a groom should enjoy the big day as much as the bride and the family. It is for this reason that every decision about the wedding should be made by both parties, so the first tip to hiring a wedding band in Hampshire is to choose and hire a Hampshire wedding band together.

When browsing the market there are a number of ways to chose a wedding band Hampshire wide, but with the Internet being more readily available then ever, technology being easier to manage and over half of all businesses online, a great place to start is on the internet. There is a huge online musical community as well as a large number of wedding planning websites. These are both good places to start. A lot of bands that play private functions advertise online, have their own websites and a lot of the time they offer footage of weddings they have played, samples of their music and photos so that you can get a good idea of the sort of music that they play and the kind of function they normally cater for. They will also often include sample play lists and testimonials from happy (and hopefully still married) customers.

Choose a few bands that you BOTH like, please don't start your marriage arguing about if the rock was too heavy or the jazz was too fast! Then talk to the bands and be prepared to be specific on what you do and don't like, for example; I liked the way you sounded but we like more mo town then rock, can you do more of that? Chances are, if they're any good, they will be prepared to be flexible on what they play to suit your tastes and the mood of your wedding.

Once you've selected from one of the many options for hiring a wedding band Hampshire wide, be specific on arrangements including the venue, the price, the kind of music you want played, the timetable, any special events throughout the night and most importantly of all, give them plenty of time to learn your first dance!




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