What to look for in a Wedding Band in Hampshire

Whenever anyone thinks of a Hampshire wedding band the same old pictures spring to mind; three or four aspiring musicians banging away at their instruments playing the music they like the best irrespective of what anyone else wants or likes, and begrudgingly stopping for a speech or announcement if they have to. This is hardly likely to make any party go with a swing let alone make one of the biggest days of your life extra special. You shouldn't have to settle on your big day, which is why you need to search for a special wedding band Hampshire wide, but what should you look for when looking for a wedding band?

It might be easy to look online and read so called reviews, but lets face it anyone could have written those reviews. You should look for a wedding band in Hampshire that is willing to put themselves out there by supplying a sample of their work. It's easy enough for a band to record their work and set up a music page, so take your time listening to the music and see what you like.

Once you've found something you like, then get them to listen to you. Look for a wedding band where the individuals are prepared to take the time to find out about your special day; what you want, the order of the day, the kind of music you would like and, of course, what you are planning for your first dance.

You should also look for a wedding band that suits the size of your venue. If you are having your reception in a small pub then a swing band probably won't fit, and if you are having your reception in a big hall, a two piece band will probably not fill the space. Take your venue into account when planning your entertainment so that there aren't any last minute problems on the day.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best wedding bands Hampshire wide and would be happy to discuss how we can make your big day special, whether we could fit into your venue and if you haven't chosen a venue yet but want a great band, suggest a venue perfect for us as well as you!




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