Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Northern Soul Music

Northern Soul is basically the Motown Sound that other people tried to imitate.”

- Ian Levine , Northern Soul DJ and Producer.

1. The term 'Northern Soul' was coined by London journalist Dave Godin in June 1970.

2. 'Northern Soul' referred to the kind of soul music which northern football fans asked for in London's Soul City record shop.

3. The clenched raised fist symbol is inspired by the Black Power Movement.

4. The rarest Northern Soul record is “Open the Door To Your Heart” by Darrell Banks which sold for over £11,000 in December 2014.

5. The term 'white label' has its traditions with DJ rivalry. To ensure exclusivity, the original label was covered with a blank white one, which would be unveiled in the soul club.

6. What?, a Northern Soul classic covered by Soft Cell in 1982 was originally sung by Melinda Marx, the daughter of Groucho Marx.

7. As Lenny Gamble, BBC Radio Two presenter Tony Blackburn released a Northern Soul record entitled I'll Do Anything (Anything She Wants Me To Do).

8. Northern Soul DJ Ian Levine, after becoming a producer, kick started the HiNRG musical genre and produced Evelyn Thomas' UK Top Ten Hit, High Energy (1984).

9. The 23 September 1973 saw the UK's first all-nighter, which took place at the Wigan Casino club. DJing that night was Russ Winstanley.

10. The crowd noises in Wigan's Chosen Few's Footsie wasn't the legendary Wigan Casino club. They came from the 1966 F.A. Cup Final between Everton and Sheffield Wednesday. Chants of 'Wednesday' can be heard in the background.




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